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>>> bank of america was in the headlines after it announced lit start charging customers who use a debit card. fees and perks, banks offer. >>> red skins take on one to have worst teams in the nfl the rams and almost have a late game collapse. dave ross will join us, monday morning quarterback. fox 5 morning news continues now. >>> all right washington monument right now, sharing the spotlight once again here is a live look at the top, weather permitting, engineers will be back out continuing to check for damage. >>> glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. it is funny how kingly we forget cold weather. >>> what we can expect the rest of the day. >> it will be a cool day. cool temperatures again today and some rain showers out there. look at hd radar. you can see rain off to our west and rainfall east near annapolis and savena park. >>> here is a look at big picture satellite radar shows you we have plenty of cloud cover mostly cloudy skies again today an area of low pressure off to the nothing further and that is helping the north and that is helping kee
turn overs there we thought it was time to make a change and give john the opportunity to show us what he could do. >> it was good to play but to be honest i have that sick feeling after a loss. when i went in my initial mind set was a couple scores for me i feel like i played the whole game and in the end we didn't win. >>> i thought rex gross man earned the job out of camp i think they gave rex the opportunity to be the starting quarterback for long term they well have the right to say now let's make a change that is what we will find out this week. >> alison i am curious to hear your critique of john beck's post game attire. >> john beck? >> even rex. >> i have been hard on him. >> yes. >> rexy you got your sexy back. >> not with the game but the shirt >> i liked it very much. >> did you like the trucker hat >> i didn't understand the look but he is making a definite statement not sure what he is saying but i like the fact he is making the statement. >> i think he did look good. >> here is what i think i thought we would run the ball more,. >> oh, tony your serious sports talk. >>
of his death but it was not immediately available. >>> jj green joins us in studio to talk more about what has happened and what all this means good morning thanks for running over from top to join us. first of all, everything we said is that your understanding what happened there? >> yeah, in addition this photographic evidence they were talking about i did see a photograph this morning. >> you did. >> it is not confirmed it is gadhafi looks like him but you know photographs can be deceptive but i believe that is what they are referring to in terms of footage, of photographic evidence there is the understanding that this convoy was attacked he was part of this convoy, i have spoken with u.s. officials this morning who are slow to say anything about this saying it is too early to confirm or make statements but they are on the ground trying to figure out what this situation is. i understand as well, that there is some question about what type of nato asset it was that struck this convoy was it a drone, was it a u.s. drone, was it a plane exactly what it was but pretty much everything y
shower and out towards columbia, most of us here just cloudcool temperatures, generally 50s. not done with rain yet, bigger picture out to the west, west virginia, greenyellows rolling in from the west more rain shower activity, so rain will be sort of on and off here throughout the day, bring along an umbrella and be ready for showers although it will not rain every minute as the storm system, spotty in nature. regan national, 58, 58 baltimore, 59 winchester, 63 fredericks burg expect highs in mid-60s lots of clouds around and again showers in the forecast, particularly during the morning hours i think things will lighten up later today lots and lots of cool air on the way, 5 day forecast i will have that for you coming up in a couple minutes. back upstairs to you. >>> thanks tuck day 4 of the lululemon murder trial in maryland, testimony expected to pick back up any time now. >> surprises during opening statements, fox 5s. stacy cohen live with more chef >> the trial just started with opening statements it has already been pretty dramatic montgomery county state's attorney
on the rainy conditions some of us are seeing. >> you got it rain throughout the day here on and off, it will be with us at times i think, evening commute still rain showers around be prepared for it, not going to rain all day, hd radar see shower activity, kind of hit and miss across the immediate washington area. watching the rain redevelop down towards charlottesville making a track to the north and east, down towards cull pepper, manassas, fort royal the rest of us will see on and off again rain showers. >> low pressure, off to our south and east, switch maps to viper see that shower activity watching showers redevelop, along an area of low pressure during the course of the day if we are getting a break now it doesn't mean we won't see periods of rain on and off during the course of the day and lingering into the night time hours. temperatures cool, 65 at regan national our highs today looking at mid-60s, humidity 84%, winds out of the north and east, 14, locking in the cool here is your forecast gain not going to rain all day periods of showers and rain,67 daytime high in washin
. >>> british up and comer rummer will join us in studio her voice has been compared to legendary singers she will perform for us live. where you can hear her perform too. >>> she is all the rage right now in england. >> right. >> now making her way here we are excited to have her. >>> okay. >>> hey, tucker barnes is also with us, he is down stairs in the weather center keeping his eyes on what looks to be a beautiful day >> you got it tony should be absolutely glorious highs expected upper 60s light bright sun line no problems with rain and cool down -- sunshine, no problems with rain and cool down later this week. >>> we are cool 52 degrees regan national another cool one overnight 30s in a few spots hagerstown 48 degrees, 47 in baltimore, 52 at the naval air station, cool here for another hour or so once the sun gets a chance to warm up the atmosphere should be a beautiful afternoon, really want to emphasize how nice it will be later today. >>> sentinel satellite, and it is not your imagination if it looks quiet that is because it is. high pressure will be moving through, enjoy today, cha
expires today. our own stacy cohen joins us live with more on that good morning. >> reporter: good morning if there is any imminent threat you cannot feel it here everybody is laid back, waking up, drinking coffee chatting about the day's events they are not planning on leaving they are staying put the permit did expire they have been here since thursday various marchs and rallies they have had lots of speakers some times very large attendance, this morning there is just a few dozen as the day gets started. they have different messages some are opposed to the war many opposed to corporate greed across the board people i talked to said they are willing to stay put even if that means being arrested >> i decided not to vote any more because it is a silly game that they play, to make us thing we have some input when in reality we have zero input. if you got money, then you got input. >>> the word occupy means occupy it doesn't mean you came and you did stay, one little thing happens you end up going to jail and then it is over no, you defeat your purpose my whole thing is that, once you commi
's a similar scene in forestville. fox5's sherri ly joining us with more. i guess we should stress these were preplanned. >> reporter: that's right. purely coincidence, tony. kind of ironic, though, that there is snow in the forecast. but here in prince george's county, not enough to plow through. but they are ready. we have the salt domes full. plows were out today hitting the streets to make sure they are ready when a real snowstorm hits. this morning's drill started around 4:00 a.m., about 200 snow plows went out, practicing their routes and testing equipment. the drill done the last friday every october, also allows them to spot pot holes and other problems early. this year prince george's county has added a gps system to all of its snow plows so they can tell which streets have been plowed and allocate their resources. inspectors will also have cameras in their cars to capture pictures of road conditions. if you saw a snow plow this morning, don't panic, no need to run to the store for toilet paper and bread. >> anybody give you funny looks this morning? >> you know they did. they want t
air station in delaware. >>> here is a look at sentinel satellite radar we have clouds over us, high, thin variety, they are filtering the sun or will filter sunshine. and we will see a pleasant day today, that rainfall that you see down there to the south does not impact us today but overnight tuesday into wednesday it starts to move in and then wednesday should be a wet and rainy day for today, warm, sun with some clouds, look for a high today into the upper 70s, yet again. another nice day across the region. that is a look at what is happen being the weather more on what is happening with julie wright. >>> you are not the only one who can serve up a pretty picture. >> oh. >> no, you are not. v dot just moved my pretty picture. >> my plan came to fruition. >>> it was really pretty, zoomed in, a nice shot of the sunrise, beautiful unfortunately v dot moved the camera on me. if you have to make a trip into work there is not many of you that do so it is an easy commute leaving fair oaks, the belt way is running smoothly, southbound along 270 out of german town, lanes are open. it is a
of us after the game had to get outside and walk around and decome press perfect weather for that today we will have a nice day as well. bus stop forecast, partly sunny skies this morning cool temperatures ranging from mid- and upper 50s to low 60s sunrise officially occurs, 18 minutes from now. temperatures across the region, 60s here, 61 degrees washington 60 baltimore, 61 fredericks burg to the west 50, 59 dulles airport, 55 winchester, forecast today, clouds hanging around this morning, give way to mostly sunny skies later, temperatures in the 70s. 70 german town, 74 in fredericks burg, 73 in the nations capitol that is a look at what is happening with the weather now back to you steve and alison. >> we have a traffic alert before we get to julie wright for drivers in maryland. >> an accident forced closure of lanes alan town road in suit land. stacy good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you i can tell you it is quite a mess they are cleaning up out here, take a look behind me you can see a massive pile of lumber, tractor trailer carrying all that lumber heading northbound bran
is dominating she is keeping us in the cool of things, chilly weekend and start to your day let's look at your maps, 49 degrees, national airport, 46 dulles, 45 degrees at baltimore airport, you want to bundle up take a lock at the mid- atlantic, temperatures into the 40s. 60 cape hatteras, 63 norfolk exception, 50 new york, because pretty much everywhere it is into the 40s and chilly for sure. satellite radar composite showing you we have plenty of cloud coverage pesky low coverage system leaving us not only with the clouds but also showers quick look at radar for you, our fox 5 live doppler radar will show you some areas are seeing a little bit of light rainfall not all that much but there is some out there and some of it will be spotty throughout the course of the day. back to our weather maps, a look at your planner, cool conditions, rain it won't be a total wash out keep your eyes to the sky later part of the day into the evening we expect to see more rain moving in dreary not the greatest but the 5 day forecast is offering a lot of promise i will have those details later. back to you. >>
heard last night, law enforcement is telling us we can stay for another four months. there is a lot of enthusiasm for the message. >>> well, they want to share this space we are told, they agreed other events long planned for the freedom plaza space protestors agreed to make way and allow other things to continue to happen here as long as they stay orderly and do not destroy the property they will be left alone we are told. as far as marchs or other spontaneous events with this group or the occupy dc group, remains to be seen but we could be in it for the long haul. >>> thank you. >>> now the protestors that sparked the new anti greed movement will be allowed to stay in a lower manhattan park mayor bloomberg announced occupy wall street will be there indefinitely as long as they obey the law this comes with a cost the police department says they spent $2 million mostly in overtime to patrol the protest area, during recent weeks. >>> new this morning a passenger stabs a metro bus driver in montgomery county it began midnight when someone reported the suspect, a 52-year- old man was e
>>> looking forward to that. meanwhile tucker barnes standing by in the weather center to tell us what we have in store today. >> cool start temperatures 50s. should be a nice finish highs expected back in low 70s a few more clouds than yesterday all in all a dry one let's look at current conditions nice overnight, starting off cool, 57 now, in washington regan national, 50 winchester, 54, cooler than yesterday, 58 ocean city satellite radar together let you know we are starting the day with cloud cover you can see it across the area, high, thin cirrus clouds, filtered sunshine, and we will be more along the lines of partly sunny than later this afternoon out to the west storminess to the south down into florida tropical moisture, two areas of disturbed weather going to gang up on the washington area and bring us rounds of showers during the day tomorrow until then should be a decent day today dry weather expected this afternoon high temperatures, 72 washington 69 german town, wall door of partly sunny -- wall door of, partly sunny conditions expected. >>> thank you. >>> top story
can begin. prosecutors had a minor set back, photos they wanted to use during opening statements the judge ruled too gruesome to be displayed to the jury in opening statements this of course the trial is of 29-year- old brittany norwood accused of killing her coworker jana murray back in march it started as an argument in which murray accused norwood of stealing merchandise from the store now photo that is were going to be displayed were of the crime scene specifically of jana murray's body who was beaten with multiple objects and the judge thought they were simply too graphic only a couple will be allowed to be used in opening statements one of murray's college roommates stopped by to check out the action in the courtroom. >> i do grieve not just for my friend's family but as well the other because it was a horrible thing what happened, and as much as i am very sad and angry and emotional about it, um, i have been praying and thinking that something good will happen. >> it will be interesting to hear the prosecutions opening statements certainly what everybody is anxious to unco
stopped short of a victory dance. >> we came, we saw, he died. >> reporter: while the u.s. worked with libyan rebels to get rid of qaddafi, it's unclear if the goals of the two countries will mesh as well moving forward. >> libya will travel a long and winding road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: the acting prime minister in libya says he will step down to make way for new leadership. but it's unclear who will take the reins, as fears of a civil war among libya's various factions threatens the country's future. >> looking ahead, we should do whatever is necessary to make sure the successor regime doesn't slide back into anti- western authorityism. >> reporter: qaddafi died begging for the life of himself and his son. he is expected to be buried in an unmarked grave, but that will be delayed due to an investigation of the circumstances of his death. >> qaddafi was hated for a lot of atrocities among his people, but he is behind one against americans. the bombing of pan am flight 103. >> audrey barnes spoke with two local mothers whose children we
.m. on this wednesday morning glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour the latest on our forecast from tony perk kins. >>> good -- perkens. >>> good morning to you. >>> good morning to you. good morning everybody, rain showers this morning take the umbrella with you. it is not pouring rain but there are scattered showers. take a look let's start with showing you our first map there you go you can see the shower activity now. we have been seeing mostly light and moderate rain it does look like maybe there are areas of heavy rain, spilling in down to the south well off to the west and west earn maryland, garrett county, places like that pushing into pennsylvania, maybe a little activity down to the south we watched that move and it is dissipating. more of the same. here is a look at temperatures across the region, 65 degrees now in washington, 63 baltimore, dulles airport 63 degrees, ocean city, 66 winchester, 59. forecast today, plenty of clouds across the region, periods of rain today, a little breezy this morning and a coastal flood advisory in effect for parts of the ar
problems too especially coming up from the south wednesday morning october 19th, glad you are with us, welcome to fox 5 morning news i am steve chenevey. >>> a wet start on this wednesday morning tony perkens joining us with the latest. >> good morning everybody. rain showers across most of the region this morning, we've had some spots of heavy will continue see heavy rain through the course of the day most of you are seeing rain not a lot in the way of heavy rain this little band from alexandria, south ward to dale city, east to the cambridge area. we have some areas where there is not much in the way of rainfall annapolis, not raining there. and baltimore not raining at the moment. current temperatures around the region, in the 60s. regan national airport we have a temperature, 61 degrees, relative humidity 97% winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. here is your day planner, periods of rain, maybe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, we will -- let's get this moving here. we will see showers and maybe thunderstorms later on, temperatures in the 60s. that is a look at w
a ruling from the judge they will not be able to use all the graphic images they once planned to use when they make those opening statements and address the jury. 29-year-old brittany norwood is on trial charged with killing her coworker. norwood used as many as 8 objects including a hammer and a clothing rack from the store to kill murray and the judge says some of the crime scene photos are so gruesome he would not permit the jury to see them during opening statements. door jury selection yesterday one of murray's college roommates stopped by the courtroom. >>> i don't grieve just for my friend's family but the other, it was a horrible thing that happened and as much as i am very sad and angry and emotional about it i have been praying and thinking that something good will happen. >>> brittany norwood originally told the police two masked men came in and beat and raped her and murray, killing murray prosecutors called that a work of fiction and insist she is the true murder we will hear what they present in opening statements in court some time later today. back to you. >>> thank you. >
in afghanistan and iraq. a new opinion poll, u.s. veterans speak out about what they think america should be focussing on. fox 5 news at 7 starts now. >>> tower cam at the national cathedral, should be a nice day. chilly you may want to grab a light jacket but won't need it by this afternoon that is the good news this wednesday morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. >> i am so excited about this day. >>> especially today tony. >> and run wild for longer. >> that's right. >> it will be a great day folks you do need a jacket this morning later on today, hey, you won't be needing it, it will be comfortable and pretty getting ready for school, the bus stop forecast whether you are busing it or walking, will have a couple clouds here and there, cold temperatures, cool temperatures in the 50s. 50 to 55 degrees not as cool as it has been. sunrise officially in 6 minutes. all right here is a look at current temperatures around the region, 55 degrees here in the nations capitol, 56 dulles airport, baltimore, 52. naval air station, 55 and winchester 50 degrees your forecast today, lot
have been as well, of the rain moving through the area and he joining us now with the latest. >> i've been watching it too, tuck. >> thanks, allison. it continues out there in places, not the entire area. much of the area getting light drizzle. still some fog out there. shower activity to the north, towards columbia, into much of howard county and northeastern portions of montgomery county. now we're watching bands redevelop here south and east of the city, down into southern prince george's county and another band underneath our fox 5 logo towards manassas and dale city. this afternoon should be mostly cloudy, as we'll be between two systems later today. lots of showers, most of the shower activity from yesterday off to the north and east towards boston. to the west, a cold front that will arrive later. a little break. still a lot of clouds around, and relatively cool, with temperatures only in the 60s at this point. 65 at reagan national. 97% humidity. winds out of the north and east at 5 miles per hour. forecast today, plenty of clouds, drizzle continues. high temperatures about
cold. 49 in boston as we look across the country another mild start to the day, for most of us atlanta, 60 degrees, 60 omaha, minneapolis, 59 degrees, salt lake city, 39 there, snow has fallen in some of the mountains out to the west, some of the ski locations, opening up already. los angeles, 56 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the national map where we can show you once again the weather pattern shows active weather in the western united states with showers, frozen precipitation, cloudthe like look how quiet it is in the east the only precipitation is portions of florida and that is it everywhere else is dry under calm, high pressure here is your forecast next five days high, low 70s some of you will top out upper 60s most of us 70, 71 degrees for your high lots of sunshine next several days, saturday and sunday, beautiful, no excuse not to be outside temperatures, 80 degrees. >>> thanks tony. >>> let's check with julie hi julie >> i like that the affirmative mm-hmm like did you expect anything else? [ laughter ] >> all right northbound, dw parkway, the crash has cleared, chec
. it is october 7th. glad you're with us. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. days are rolling on now. tony perkins joins us with a look how glorious this day is going to be. >> it's going to be beautiful. this is probably for today through, hey, monday is a holiday for some people. >> yeah. >> columbus today. four days, today through monday, probably have not had a better four days in a long time. we're going to show you how empty and cloud-free the sky is. there is some -- there are a few clouds popping up, and there is some fog in place. i want to let you know that. but things are quiet. no precipitation. nothing going on. light breeze, which has led to a coastal flood advisory, oddly enough, the next hour. other than that, things are quiet. temperatures getting off to a cool start, as you would expect. 53 in the district. 42 in ocean city. 45 in winchester. dulles, 44. baltimore, 47. those temperatures will warm up nicely. high today in the low to mid- 70s under mostly sunny skies and more of the same for the weekend, except even warmer. i'll tell you about that
out over the district on this thursday morning, october 27th, 2011. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. likes it will be a chillier day today. >> a little bit. >> tony perkins joining us now. he has the details on this thursday. >> temperature-wise -- good morning first of all. temperature-wise, not that bad today. we'll see our highs in the mid- 60s. not too far from where we are right now. it is the rain that will be a factor today and then yes, things do cool off starting tonight. we'll start with the rain here. here is the hd radar. it is raining in the district and around the district. a little bit of heavy rain out towards reston right now. just a little. most of you are seeing light to moderate rainfall. 62 in ocean city. forecast for today, clouds, cloudy all day. periods of rain off and on throughout the day. the temperatures will be in the mid-60s today actually right where they should be. we'll see the breeziness pick up. julie wright is the one to tell us about the roads. >> all right. busy ride on that outer loop. not only do we have the s
degrees. good morning and thanks for waking up with us this friday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. with snow in the forecast, the timing couldn't be better for some snow drills. already this morning prince george's county plows have been practicing. it starts at 9:00 this morning at rfk stadium. will they need to use that equipment any time soon? >> we're sure hoping they don't. let's go to the expert to find out more. >> good morning. my answer is no, they will not be using the plows in washington, not from this weekend's event, at least i do not expect that. out to the west maybe, because there's a winter storm watch that will go in effect late tonight into tomorrow afternoon. all the counties in blue. we are primarily talking about northern portions of maryland, western maryland, eastern portions of west virginia and western portions of virginia, particularly in the higher elevations and close to the higher elevations. could be accumulating snow out there and the snow that falls could be a wet snow and could be heavy leaning on the branches. there could be accu
she'll -- deanna crawley is back with us. you don't want to mess that. that is manage up later. >>> and looking forward to. that. >>> a couple of minute away from 9:00. let's go downstairs to the latest on the weather. still raining out there? >> reporter: yeah, still some showers across the area. the rain will be back on and off throughout the day and the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms as well and this is a live look at the hd radar. again, periods of heavy rain and some light shower activity now and off to the north of the city and into montgomery county, howard county and west of columbia and clarksville and showers and to baltimore. the rest of us, cloud cover and their is that fog out there and with some sunshine and that will not be raining and the one- two combination, the tropical moisture to the east and to the south. that has to get here later today. we're not done with the rain. later this afternoon, the possibility of thunderstorms as well and this should lift off to the north and east and should get quieter weather tomorrow and returning to sunshine during
in that war. u.s. has about 98,000 troops still in afghanistan. all foreign combat troops set to leave by the end of 2014. tony? >>> thanks, allison. another big story we're following, d.c. police need your help solving a possible homicide. they're looking for the hit-and- run drive who left a man dead. it happened yesterday afternoon at the corner of 14th and webster in northwest. police say this incident may have been deliberate and it's being investigated by the homicide division. police say the driver was in a maroon jeep cherokee, possibly a 2003 model, most of its front grill is now missing. if you were near that area or have seen the jeep, call d.c. police. >>> guilty, that's the verdict in a heart wrenching case in fairfax county, where a woman is going to jail for killing her grandchild. the jury returned the verdict in about five hours. carmela dela rosa stood quietly as the verdict was read. she was convicted of throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter to her death. defense attorneys had argued she was mentally ill. prosecutors said she was vengeful, trying to get back at her s
to you. >>> all right jennifer thank you. >>> joining us this morning to talk about the impact jobs had on the industry s what that industry would look like without him, is technology blogger, rob good morning good to see you again. you called him in an article you wrote a visionary, marketer and perfectionist. >>> yes. >> talk about steve jobs and his legacy >> chef yeah, you can thing of few people who made such a stamp, for discovering a dent in the universe as he did from the late 70s on you know think of all the computers i have used back over 20 years now. >> when computers used to be the size of a room i remember back in my college days, ten years otw how will he be remembered as far as the actual product he put in the palm of our hand. >> that is the thing, apple computer ink then they dropped computer from the name with good reason because some body said yesterday bill gates wanted to put a computer on every desk, steve jobs put one in every pocket and purse and yeah, they took the computer off the desk. >>> where does that come from? i know i am asking a lot of you but we reco
.m. beautiful sunrise to start this tuesday morning should end up being a pretty nice day glad you are with us, good morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour it does look promising. tony perkins, joining us. >>> no, it will be a fine day today what we saw in the live shot was a little bit of fog out there. we have spots where there is fog this morning. you want to be aware of that. some clouds to start is day that will give way to more sun by late morning and afternoon hours across the region and sunny and warmer days ahead. that will be nice wait until you see the fog later on tropics are still active although they are of no concern to the united states i will tell you about that in a little bit. >>> temperatures across the region, 40s and 50s. 51 degrees, gaithersburg, cool at 43, frederick maryland quantico, baltimore 46 degrees a quick look at the satellite radar this doesn't capture the fog out there it is a widespread fog we have spots of fog, clouds and nothing in the way of precipitation there was some light sprinkles earlier they have dissipated. >>> the forecast today look
york and other cities across the u.s. to demand an end to the financial system, now a similar protest planned for dc. >> there is a call for college students to join the cause. our own stacy cohen is live in northwest with more good morning. >>> good morning we have an awful lot of protesting to talk about now we are a town accustomed to protest here we go again this times the the occupy wall street movement the reason i am here at the washington hilton is because there are a series of meetings going on here, take back the american dream is the theme. with a variety of speakers and having a live video feed of the occupy wall street movement. now if you want to know how dissatisfied people are, look at this washington post, abc news poll this is a representation of all americans not just this protest group. they are giving congress 3% strongly approved, 20% somewhat disprove, not good numbers for politicians here on capitol hill protests you have been seeing have been taking over new york hundreds of arrests happening in new york city with the occupy wall street movement protests in l.
for being with us i am steve chenevey. >> sorry my mic fell right off. >>> that's okay, you are good to go now. >> happens some times when it is so early in the morning. tony you don't know early you have been on since 4:25 a.m. >> no, we are all in the same boat. thanks alison and steve good morning you saw that live shot pretty live shot nice start to the day, let's look at temperatures as they peer at this hour, 57 degrees here in washington dulles airport at 52, out near sterling cooler, cooler up in baltimore, 52 degrees, fredericks burg, 55, winchester virginia, cool 48 degrees ocean city maryland at 57 here is a look at the satellite radar composite things are quiet, scattered clouds around the skies, nothing in the way of precipitation that will change less than 24 hours from now when we get rain showers moving in but for today not a bad day partly sunny skies another mild afternoon one more and then changes come high today 72 degrees tell you about those changes in just a little bit first we want to get our check on traffic we do that with julie wright. >> all right tony busy on t
screams from the store the night jana murray was killed. >> paul joins us from the courthouse in rockville. catch us up on what happened friday good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning the highlight of friday's testimony was two apple workers, as they testified they had heard these noises coming from the shared wall, of the apple store and lululemon store and yana being very specific in what she heard and yelling and screaming, dragging, grunting she even was asked on the stand, by the state, to describe the grunting and she said it was like a physical exertion, an umph they also showed surveillance tape showing this woman, yana inside the apple store, walking over to that wall and listening, afterwards, we asked the question everybody has been asking, and that is why they never called 91 , got in the elevator she didn't say anything she just stared straight ahead, same with rios he declined to comment as well no one knows why they didn't call 911. >> at one point did one of them in court or some place say they just thought it was more drama, and if so, is that significant in any wa
this morning. wet, foggy out there. also thursday morning. we're glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. take your time as you head out this morning. tony perkins joining us with a look at all this rain. are we going to need the umbrella all day? >> i would have it with you all day. we'll see periods of rain. the interesting thing about that live shot, it's so dark with the rain clouds and mist. it's a rough start to the day. hd radar, we'll show you where the real rain is now. this changes minute by minute. now we're seeing more rain redevelop to our south and some of the heaviest rainfall now around the dale city region. and manassas seeing heavy rain. we have seen thunderstorms. so don't be shocked where we have the heavy rainfall, if you don't see lightning or hear rumbles of thunder. it may not be raining, but atmosphere is still wet, still will need your windshield wipers. now we're at 65 degrees. no major change in our temperatures in the last 24 hours. yesterday's high was 66 degrees. 65 right now. 62 at dulles. 63 in baltimore. the forecast for today, cloudy, p
this means our monday will be off to a great start so far so good, it is 7:00 a.m., glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. weather and traffic first we are doing something special, once again, mentoring monday we do this from time to time. today, again, mentoring monday, (202)895-3307 to help make a difference in a young person's life. >>> we will connect you with one of our 12 local organizations kind enough to come in and help out this morning, again we will take those calls throughout the morning the number at the bottom of the screen (202)895- 3307. only takes a minute or two to get started and a little bit of time out of the week to make a huge impact on a young person's life. >>> just about a minute after the hour gorgeous weekened couldn't have asked for better weather tony perkens if you don't give me a great day i won't be so upset. >>> today will be a fine day not a bad day won't be the prettiest day still a nice one let's look at what is going on we will start with a look at current temperatures 50 degrees in washington 40s elsewhere, 43 fredericks burg,
degrees, warmer than yesterday highs upper 60s. a few of us will touch 70 degrees wall door of, high 70, 67 manassas and 71 fredericks burg. more details on the forecast, coming up in a few minutes. >>> a top story, this 9:00 a.m. hour the lulu lemon murder case the woman accused of killing a coworker at the bethesda store starts today. >> she tried to cover up the crime with an elaborate story of a robbery and sexual assault. stacy cohen is live with a preview good morning stacy. >> good morning i am sure you and everyone else remembers this case it was an extraordinary case where a young woman lost her life, brutally murdered people followed this aggressively it was a local and national media news story not only because of the brutality but the twists and turns of this investigation, 29-year-old brittany norwood is the woman on trial originally she told police she and her coworker jana murray were assaulted by two masked men who entered the lululemon store in bethesda and beat them sexually assaulted them and left jana murray dead her story quickly unraveled as police investigators pr
the taliban launched an attack in kabul. a car bomb hit a bus killing 13. >>> still the u.s. is forging ahead to hand over control to the afghans. >>> the cain train may be running into trouble republican presidential front runner is pushing back against charges he was once accused of sexually harassing two female employees. >>> doug luzader has more. >> reporter: herman cain will be speaking here in washington later today, and no doubt he will have to address this issue. herman cain planned to scale back some of his campaign appearances to avoid exhaustion but that was before this happened, a headline saying cain with you accused of sexual harassment involving at least two female employees back in the 90s. the two left in exchange for financial settlements leaving a sunday morning news show cain wouldn't say much. [ muffled audio ] >> calls into fox's jeraldo at large, jd gordon, last week featured in a cain campaign ad wouldn't deny the allegations. >> yes or no was there a cash settlement to two female employees of the national restaurant association. >> well, all i am telling you right no
real nice should get sunshine throughout the day could be a really nice day glad you are with us, i am steve chenevey. >>> i am alison seymour looks like a promising start to the day. tony perkens joining us with details. really what is going to happen. >> did you see the crescent moon at the top of the screen? a wonderful picture i think there is a planet you can see in the sky. we've got a fine day on tap let's go right to weather headlines it will be a terrific tuesday. yes, indeed as we see lots of sunshine and a fine day here is a look at satellite radar, clear skies, with the exception of some fog however, the fog advisory we have been talking about this morning was just cancelled. just cancelled so that fog is diminishing as we speak. you can see there, things look awfully clear to me. current conditions regan national airport, 50 degrees relative humidity 86% winds out of the west, 6 miles per hour bare row metric pressure on the rise your forecast today, plenty of sunshine, mild day highs mid-60s to 70. 65 martins burg, 69 wall door of, 67 in the district. now an update on the
to help first responders and teachers get back to work. >> it is paid for asking the wealthiest of us, people like me to put in a little bit more. >> specifically those who make more than $1 million would pay more, something senate republicans say they won't vote for. >> it is very frustrating to be here and see the president talking about a jobs plan which is a tax and spend plan. >> let's drop the talking points about millionairebillionaires and work together on bipartisan jobs legislation designed to pass not designed to fail. >> mcconnell claims democrats included the tax increaseintentionally so republicans will oppose it giving democrats something to run on in 2012. >>> it is very clear private sector jobs are doing just fine it is private sector jobs we have lost huge numbers. >>> since president obama's inauguration, january 2009 number of private sector employees dropped by 1.6 million the number of government workers fell by 607,000. >>> a vote on the teacher first responder provision could come by the end of the week in washington nicole collins, fox news. >>> dc mayor vinc
we will rise 14 minutes, glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >>> i am alison seymour. nice day on the horizon. tony perkens with the accurate details. >> yes, indeed. thank you alison and steve good morning pretty picture out there, sunrise 7:13 a.m. this morning. and some of those rays of sun breaking through the cloud cover we will see those clouds picking up as the day progresses enjoy the morning sunshine as it will be a different picture later on the day. let's look how we are starting temperatures, 63 degrees here in the district, 60 dulles and 60 baltimore so quite the mild start to the day ocean city 58 degrees, and hagerstown 53. here is a look at the sentinel satellite or max hd satellite radar you can see we have cloud cover down to our south pushing into the region also rain showers, down to our south and they are pushing north ward as well can't rule out a shower or two this afternoon for the most part the rain for us holds off until tonight we will have a rainy day for the bulk of the day tomorrow, forecast today, day of transition, here is what we are looking for
. >>> today jury selection begins in the trial of the underwear bomber. >> it is being held at u.s. district court in detroit. stacy cohen is live with details. >>> it is one of the most high profile terrorism cases in the u.s. since the attacks of september 11th, 2001 the so called underwear bomber will have his day in court. the 24-year-old nigerian is facing multiple charges in connection with the failed 2009 christmas day bomb plot. he hid chemicals under his clothing in hopes of blowing up northwest flight 253 coming from amsterdam, u.s. attorney's office is said to have a mountain of evidence including witness testimony and videotaped statements from the self-proclaimed al qaeda operative who suffered extensive burns when the chemical device malfunctioned a wayne university law professor says a federal judge must work hard to keep this a fair trial. >> america is so attuned to terrorism now, and you have a very high profile case, can you seat a jury that will be able to fairly decide this defendant's fate. >>> his ability to defeat airport security in amsterdam, accelerated deployment
a pretty good weekend. things have to turn first. good morning, glad that you are here with us. >> good morning now to our friend tony perkins with a look at this friday morning forecast. >> good morning to you, allison, steve, everybody. thanks for joining us. we're going to take a look at what's happening with our weather conditions at this time. i do want to let you know that there is a coastal flood warning for part of the area until noon. that include the district of columbia, southern baltimore and arundel, fairfax. you can see again primarily out to the west and south, although it's now moving into portions of southern maryland, moving across the chesapeake bay not too long from now, heavy rain around thefredericksburg region. some rain showers coming through. take the umbrella with you this morning. temperatures at the area airport. we are in the sixties right now. 66 degrees at reagan national, 64 at dulles, 66 at bwi marshall. your planner for the day will see plenty of clouds. we will see some sunshine but periods of rain again. showers, not quite as intense as yesterday but
in stores. >> lined formed all over including the apple store in bethesda. lauren dimarco is there for us. >> you guys are not kidding. if apple makes it, they will buy it. there are still about 40 people in line right now. the doors have been open for some time. the folks are still coming up, still waiting for the iphone 4s. people are trying things out inside the store. we're going to try it talk to the first guy in line. he is still in this. he is working out the kinks about the plan, insurance. there are several options here. choosing your carrier or apple plus insurance. guys in line, i saw them yesterday. they were here at noon yesterday. they ended up leaving. they were just trying to make some money by selling their spot. that didn't work out for them. they were not too happy. you can see that everybody who did stuck amend here and are getting their phones are very excited. our photographer jason preordered one. i saw him do a little dance. i have a gentleman named taylor who just purchased this phone. good morning to you. >> good morning >> how excited are you? have you been wait
hillary clinton stopped short of a victory dance. >> we came, we saw, he died. >> reporter: while the u.s. worked with libyan rebels to get rid of gadhafi, it's unclear if the goals of the two countries will mesh as well moving forward. >> libya will travel a long road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: the acting prime minister in libya says he will step down to make way for new leadership. but it's unclear who will take the reins, as fears of a civil war among libya's various factions threatens the country's future. >> but looking ahead we should do whatever is necessary to make sure the successor regime doesn't slide back into anti- western authorityism. >> reporter: he was expected to be buried today under islamic tradition. but now leaders say that will be delayed to allow for an investigation. allison, steve? >> thank you. >>> gadhafi was hated for a lot of atrocities against his own people, and he ordered the -- >> still to this day, how many years later? i still -- one can't believe we went through this. i'm very happy to say it may be the end of t
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